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Meet Kevin England
Founder & Ceo

Helping you solve

The marketing puzzle

As a lifelong entrepreneur and business keynote speaker, Kevin is driven by possibility. He believes that opportunity exists in the unknown, and is continuously searching for the best in business and in people. His passion for helping others is reflected in all that he does.

As a leader who has found success in multiple fields — from technology to marketing and sales — Kevin feels a moral duty to help others experience the same tremendous business growth and development his own companies have benefited from.

Whether working with a client, engaging with his team, or delivering a keynote, Kevin offers wisdom, insight, and education to take you and your business to the next level. Kevin provides personalized, strategic support sessions for both individuals and organizations.

Business Growth Keynote Speaker Portrait - Kevin England

I’ve spent over 30 years building multi-million dollar businesses and ultimately learning the delicate art of work-life balance. I am now dedicating my path to helping you learn from my mistakes and bypass the hamster wheel burnout. As a business consultant, it is my passion to create unique sales & marketing blueprints for businesses and individuals worldwide, so that we can all enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle the way that it was meant to be.

Kevin England

Striving for


As a business growth keynote speaker, Kevin’s passion for creative disruption in all things sales, marketing, and technology drives him to seek out strategic paths to success. 

Learn more about his experiences and insights by tuning into his recent keynotes.


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He works to guide organizations through their most challenging endeavors.

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He strives to push the boundaries of what has been done.

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He believes that creative disruption is the catalyst for positive change.


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