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Kevin England is the CEO of Vonazon, an internationally acclaimed digital marketing & sales agency, specializing in Elite HubSpot support and inbound marketing. Kevin started his first company, the IT Group, at the young age of 19, which he went on to sell to Gateway Inc. From there, he co-founded Solnovo, a respected premiere partner for Cisco systems and eventually sold to ThinQtank in 2014.

Amidst the 2008 recession, Kevin founded Vonazon and quickly defied all economic odds by building one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in Southern California. Kevin’s unique background in tech, sales & marketing has carved a consulting path in which he coaches business owners and speaks worldwide as an industry thought leader.

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Kevin England was born and raised in Southern California. He spent his youth continually building and creating. From tree houses to his first computer game, Kevin displayed curiosity and a drive that quickly put him on the path to entrepreneurship. At the age of 13, he received his first computer from his father and was told to "figure it out.” He did just that, and in doing so, found a passion for innovation and problem-solving.


Over the course of his years in business, Kevin has been brought in as a business marketing consultant to help various companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs. He possesses diverse experience in the fields of technology and marketing. This experience has established him as a thought leader to many around the world. Through his consulting work, Kevin began speaking to audiences across the country and found a love for public speaking, training, and education.


Kevin lives in Southern California with his wife and their dog, Finnegan. They enjoy being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with their kids. In his free time, you can find Kevin surfing, hiking, or woodworking.


Kevin created and launched his first technology company, The IT Group, at the age of 19 while attending UC Santa Barbara and expecting his first child. The tremendous challenge of taking an initial business concept and transforming it into a profitable endeavor is enough to test any entrepreneur. He went on to sell The IT Group in 2003 and got to work starting his second company Solnovo which launched in 2005.


Kevin launched Vonazon at the height of the 2008 recession while raising four children. While many would have been hesitant to start a business at that time, Kevin saw an opportunity. What began as a trade show marketing service catapulted him and his team into the up and coming world of digital marketing. Vonazon's initial clients expanded into larger companies such as P&G, Oracle, Dell, and Cisco. Today, Vonazon has grown to be an elite full-service digital marketing agency.